AVIcure ImmunoModulator

We believe that the ImmunoModulator in combination with the right anti-MAP antibiotics, can actually create what is in effect a “personalized vaccine” from a small amount of the infected Crohn’s Disease patient’s blood.

--Dr. J. Todd Kuenstner, AVIcure Chairman/Chief Medical Officer

Developed over five years and incorporating six significant proprietary and patented design and engineering features, the ImmunoModulator is our flagship medical device. It is, in fact, not just first in its class, but unequivocally best in its class in the field of UVBI devices designed to treat whole blood with ultraviolet photopheresis.

More than two years were devoted to the design and testing of its proprietary ultraviolet lamp alone. This lamp, developed and patented by our manufacturing partner, Superior Quartz Products, is the core technology of the device, designed to generate what are considered to be optimal germicidal wavelengths between 200 nanometers (nm) and 400 nm.

In addition, engineering vice president and AVIcure cofounder Thomas Petrie also devoted hundreds of hours of research and testing to create a unique diffusion chamber to maximize the exposure of the patient’s blood to the UV germicidal lamp. That diffusion chamber, in combination with an integrated peristaltic pump that regulates blood flow through the device, guarantees rapid treatment and minimal patient inconvenience. A disposable closed circuit IV kit ensures safe blood drawing and reinfusion to the patient. The entire device has been engineered to perform with less than 0.07% red cell hemolysis during the entire brief treatment-- less than the body’s natural hemolysis rate.

How it works

The ImmunoModulator offers a safe and simple procedure that is minimally inconvenient to the patient-- all characteristics that also mean treatments can be highly affordable.

Each treatment is a 20 minute procedure intended to be administered on an outpatient basis. Treatments are autologous (using the subject’s own blood) and requires a blood withdrawal of 1.5 mL per pound to a maximum of 250 mL. This is roughly half the amount of blood drawn during a typical 1 pint blood donation. The drawn blood is processed through the ImmunoModulator, where it is exposed to a precise amount of UV light. During the process, pathogens are inactivated. The treated blood is then reinfused into the patient. Treatment protocols range from one treatment per week to biweekly treatments over three to four months depending upon the monitored results.

Safe, effective and affordable

AVIcure’s ImmunoModulator demonstrates a favorable safety and efficacy profile with no adverse effects and is far less expensive than current conventional pharmaceutical-based therapies. Multiple published reports indicate efficacy of the ImmunoModulator against a wide range of pathogens.

DISCLAIMER: The AVIcure ImmunoModulator is an investigational device and has not been approved by the FDA for commercial distribution in the United States.